Art Paris Art Fair
28th March – 1st April 2013
Grand Palais, Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris

Modern + contemporary art + design
Russia Guest of Honour
Opening: 27th March 2013

The springtime event for modern and contemporary art in Paris
Held from 28th March to 1st April 2013, Art Paris Art Fair brings together 140 galleries from 21 countries under the majestic roof of the Grand Palais. The fair presents a wide range of modern and contemporary works and is open to all forms of artistic practice including contemporary design. A series of talks and a VIP programme for collectors entitled ‘Springtime in Paris’ will focus on the best of contemporary art and contribute to highlight the role of Paris a one of Europe’s leading capitals for art.

A fundamentally new selection
The 2013 selection will bring a very high proportion of new galleries (61 new arrivals this year) and one of the highest levels of foreign participants (43% of exhibitors are coming from outside France). Bosnia, Finland, Russia (with a major representation of 11 galleries), Saudi Arabia, Slovenia and The United Arab Emirates are making their first appearance at the fair.

Art Paris Art Fair is reinforcing its unique identity not only by showcasing both the diversity and the specificity of the artistic scenes from all around Europe, but also by focussing on the art scenes of the East – from Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Russia Guest of Honour
For the first time Art Paris Art Fair is inviting a country as guest of honour. This year it is Russia. A central platform hosts eleven galleries from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, and Vladivostok, while 15 or so European galleries are presenting work by their Russian artists. Showcasing work by some 90 artists, Art Paris Fair will offer an exceptional panorama of Russian art: from the Russian émigrés of the 1930s to the non-conformist movements of the Soviet period through to the most contemporary production.

Promises: a new section for young galleries
Art Paris Art Fair launches a new section called Promises devoted to the promotion of recent galleries that have been established for less than five years. Twelve galleries make up the 2013 selection to encourage the discovery of new talent:
16th Line (Rostov on Don), Leonardi Agosti (Sète), Backslash (Paris), Duplex 10m2 (Sarajevo), Edward Cutler (Milan), Lam Art Gallery (Riyadh), Lehr Zeitgenőssische Kunst (Cologne), NK Gallery (Antwerp), de Roussan (Paris), Vincent Sator (Paris), Trinity Contemporary (London), XPO Gallery (Paris).
‘Promises’ is supported by l’Officiel Art

Artdesign platform: exploring the relationship between art and contemporary design.
Dedicated to the exploration of the links between design and contemporary art, the Artdesign platform brings together a cutting-edge selection of eight galleries which present exclusive pieces produced in a confidential mode by contemporary talents. On show there will notably be sculpture-objects by Hubert le Gall (Mazel Galerie), recent creation by Matali Crasset (Domeau et Pérès and Slott Gallery), unique pieces by Mattia Bonetti (Cat-Berro Gallery), jewellery made by artists and designers (Galerie MiniMasterpiece)….
The Artdesign platform is supported by IDEAT Magazine

List of Exhibitors 2013 as of 16th January 2013

10 Chancery Lane Gallery (Hong Kong) | 16th Line Gallery (Rostov sur le Don)* | 313 Art Project (Seoul) | A2Z Art Gallery (Ivry-sur-Seine) | AD Galerie (Beziers/Montpellier) | Louise Alexander Gallery (Porto Cervo) | Galerie Alexis Lartigue (Neuilly-sur-Seine)* | ALFA Galerie (Paris) | Analix Forever (Geneva) | Galerie Anne de Villepoix (Paris)* | Arka Gallery (Vladivostok)* | Arte Estampa (Madrid)* | Galerie Arts d’Australie • Stéphane Jacob (Paris) | Backslash Gallery (Paris)* | Galerie Helene Bailly (Paris)* | Baudoin Lebon (Paris) | Galerie Renate Bender (Munich)* | Galerie Christian Berst (Paris)* | Galerie Berthet-Aittouarès (Paris) | Galerie Blue Square (Washington, DC)* | Bodson-Emelinckx Gallery (Brussels)* | Galerie Jean Brolly (Paris) | Cat-Berro Galerie (Paris)* | Galerie Bernard Ceysson (Saint-Etienne/Luxembourg/Paris/Geneva) | Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier (Paris) | Clair Galerie (Munich/Saint-Paul de Vence) | Galerie Claude Bernard (Paris) | Galerie Claude Lemand (Paris)* | Galerie Coullaud & Koulinsky (Paris)* | Galerie Da End (Paris)* | De Primi Fine Art (Lugano) | Galerie De Roussan (Paris)* | Domeau & Pérès (La Garenne Colombes) | Galerie Dukan (Paris) | Duplex 10m2 (Sarajevo)* | Edward Cutler Gallery (Milan)* | Eidos Immagini Contemporanee (Asti) | Erarta Galleries (London)* | Galerie Les Filles Du Calvaire (Paris) | Flatland Gallery (Utrecht/Amsterdam) | Gagliardi Art System (Turin) | Galerie Christophe Gaillard (Paris)* | Galerija Fotografija (Lljubljana)* | Galerie Claire Gastaud (Clermont-Ferrand) | Gimpel & Müller (Paris/London) | Gallery Grinberg (Moscow)* | Galerie Guillaume (Paris) | H.A.N. Gallery (Seoul) | Galerie Mark Hachem (Beirut/Paris)* | Galleria Heino (Helsinki)* | Heritage International Art Gallery (Moscow)* | Galerie Thessa Herold (Paris)* | Galerie Ernst Hilger (Vienna) | Galerie Catherine Houard (Paris) | IFA Gallery (Shanghai) | Ilan Engel Gallery (Paris) | Galerie Imane Farès (Paris) | Inda Galeria (Budapest) | Galerie Iragui (Moscow)* | Galerie Catherine Issert (Saint-Paul de Vence) | J. Bastien Art (Brussels) | Galerie Pascal Janssens (Ghent) | Galerie Jean Fournier (Paris) | JGM. Galerie (Paris) | Galerie Bernard Jordan (Paris)* | La Galerie Particulière (Paris) | Galerie La Ligne (Zürich)* | Galerie Lahumière (Paris) | Lam Art Gallery (Riyadh)* | Laurent Delaye Gallery (London)* | Lehr Zeitgenőssische Kunst (Cologne)* | Galerie Leonardo Agosti (Sete)* | Gallery Lilja Zakirova (Heusden)* | Galerie Maeght (Paris)* | Magnin-A (Paris)* | Kálmán Makláry Fine Arts (Budapest) | Mam Galerie (Rouen)* | Marina Gisich Gallery (Saint-Petersburg) – Ural Vision Gallery (Ekaterinburg)* | Mazel Galerie (Brussels) | Galerie melanieRio (Nantes)* | Galerie MiniMasterpiece (Paris)* | Galerie Alice Mogabgab (Beirut) | Galerie Frédéric Moisan (Paris)* | Galerie Lélia Mordoch (Paris) | Nadja Brykina Gallery AG (Zurich)* | NK Gallery (Antwerp)* | Nuovo Gallery (Daegu)* | Galerie Nathalie Obadia (Paris/Brussels) | Oniris – Galerie d’Art Contemporain (Rennes) | Galerie Paris-Beijing (Paris/Brussels) | Galerie Priska Pasquer (Cologne) | Pechersky Gallery (Moscow) | Herve Perdriolle Inde(s) (Paris)* | Galleria Giuseppe Pero (Milan)* | Pièce  Unique (Paris)* | Galerie Placido (Paris)* | Galerie Polad Hardouin (Paris)* | Pop/Off/Art Gallery (Moscow/Berlin)* | Galerie Catherine Putman (Paris) | Galerie Rabouan Moussion (Paris) | RCM Galerie (Paris)* | Revue Noire (Paris) | Galerie Richard (Paris/New York) | J.P. Ritsch-Fisch Galerie (Strasbourg) | Rue Francaise By Miss China (Paris)* | Sarah Myerscough Fine Art (London)* | Galerie Sator (Paris)* | Mimmo Scognamiglio Artecontemporanea (Milan)* | SEM ART Gallery (Monaco)* | Semiose Galerie (Paris) | André Simoens Gallery (Knokke) | Galerie Slott (Paris) | Galerie Véronique Smagghe (Paris) | Michel Soskine Inc (Madrid/New York)* | Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve (Paris)* | Galerie Taiss (Paris) | Galerie Tamenaga (Paris/Tokyo/Osaka) | Galerie Tanit (Munich/Beirut)* | Galerie Daniel Templon (Paris) | The Empty Quarter (Dubai)* | Galerie Patrice Trigano (Paris) | Trinity Contemporary (London)* | Galerie Tristan (Issy les Moulineaux)* | GVQ – Galerie Vanessa Quang (Paris) | Várfok Gallery (Budapest)* | Venice Projects (Venise) | Galerie Vieille Du Temple (Paris) | Galerie Vu’ (Paris) | Galerie Wolkonsky (Munich)* | XPO Gallery (Paris)* | Galerie Zürcher (Paris/New York)

*new participant

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