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Marzo 2016

ArchitectureNAOSHIMAvideo film & live performances

Short film ‘FOUR LINES’ A KINETIC SCULPTURE BY GEORGE RICKEY Panel of 12 to 14 small oil paintings 18×14 in by Herve Constant Harmonic Cross Overs There exists in nature a harmonic delivering divergent forces of darkness and light into Art and Architecture, propelling us forward to search for its

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Another vacant spaceBERLIN

Another vacant space director: Adam Nankervis 29th erasables 29th February – 13 March 2016 Biesentalerstrasse 16 D-13359 Berlin – Germany 366 daily demarkation of days of the 29th gallery 2016 conception and recording of performative action

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ROMETheatre & Dance

STAGIONE TEATRALE 2015-2016 Teatro Vascello sala Giancarlo Nanni PRIMA NAZIONALE dal 4 al 13 marzo 2016 prosa dal martedì al sabato h 21 domenica h 18 DIONYSUS Il Dio nato due volte da Le Baccanti di Euripide regia Daniele Salvo Personaggi: Dioniso Daniele Salvo Agave Manuela Kustermann Cadmo Paolo Bessegato

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