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Another vacant spaceBERLINLONDONLondon Biennalevideo film & live performances

metronomics/ synchronisation / syncopation/ another vacant space londonbiennale – berlin pollination 2016 november 2016 is a London Biennale invitational and selection to media artists of all disciplines, to be screened , and installed, where works are overlapped in sound and visual experimentation to evolve in a disturbance and interruption

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Another vacant spaceBERLINENGLANDLondon Biennalevideo film & live performancesYORKSHIRE

OUR LARGEST AND MOST AMBITIOUS EXHIBITION YET OPENING PARTY: Thursday 20 October, 7-10pm. The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture Photogallery – Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, Yorkshire, 20 October 2016, opening night of the Hepworth Sculpture Prize exhibition. ‘A fitting legacy to Barbara Hepworth…’ Dr Sophie Bowness, granddaughter of Barbara

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Another vacant spaceBERLINEvents

Another Vacant Space The Archive project David Medalla selected works 1956-2016 ongoing- by appointment only curator: Adam Nankervis The Archive Project is an ongoing archival and research project dealing specifically with David Medalla´s oeuvre. The Archive project: Adam Nankervis + Elmar Kaiser with many thanks: Daniel Kupferberg Ben Carey

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