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Filippos Tsitsopoulos-Self- portrait as De Sade- Scanned image and photograph digital manipulated into panting, Size 1x1 m- Silicon C print mounted on aluminium 2012- Batagianni Gallery Athen
ATHENSTheatre & Dance

“Ο ΠΑΡΑΔΕΙΣΟΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ Η ΚΑΙΝΟΥΡΓΙΑ ΚΟΛΑΣΗ/ ΘΕΑΤΡΙΚΑ ΚΟΥΣΤΟΥΜΙΑ ΓΙΑ ΠΡΟΣΩΠΑ” “Paradise is the New Hell- Theatrical Costumes for Faces” Verfremdungseffekt project  FILIPPOS TSITSOPOULOS “…The circus is a type of art of action with concrete images. Everything in  the circus happens in “real”. The dancer is dancing with “real danger” on

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