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Image above 'Remember the Dance'by Jill Rock (photo Antonio Mena)
LONDONtextsvideo film & live performances

‘Whiteout’ by Jill Rock From 3rd of December to 9th of January | Hundred Years Gallery Hundred Years Gallery 13 Pearson St. London E2 8JD +44 (0) 20 3602 7973 – Testo di Vittoria Biasi  Translate Ho conosciuto Jill Rock a Roma in occasione della sua mostra “jill

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ROMEStudio.ravideo film & live performances

RO.MI. and STUDIO.RA – Rome on Saturday, October 6, 2012, at 7 p.m. are proud to present The screening of R A I N B O W  (18′ © 2012) Location: Via Vetulonia, 55 Roma .-.-.- RO.MI. and STUDIO.RA – Rome Sabato, 6 Ottobre 2012, alle ore 19 sono orgogliosi di presentare

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Reynolds, Pax Puki, 31 x 41 cm
London BiennaleROMEStudio.ratextsvideo film & live performances

Text by Vittoria Biasi The symbolism is the idea of the Rainbow Bridge between the opposing elements of excellence: the earth and sky. The distance between the two worlds is filled with exciting images from every religion, revolving around the idea of a bridge, connecting the rainbow is the scale

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