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Dear Friends!

Interlink and intertwined themes for  London Biennale 2016 will be:
Synchronisation / Syncopation.
‘SYNCRONISATIONS’, inspired by the ‘LIP-SYNCHRONISATION’ that Croatian tenor Nikola Matusic and I performed at the wonderful performance festival you created in Goteborg.

Join LBAs (London Biennale Artists) and global art lovers
at STUDIO.RA (Director: Raffaella Losapio)
in ROME, Italy,
on 1 May 2016, at 17:00 hours,
to celebrate the inauguration of LONDON BIENNALE 2016
and the 10th anniversary of STUDIO.RA
info in the internet: FACEBOOK London Biennale

There will be various exhibitions and live events in different venues in Rome throughout the month of May 2016.

London Biennale is free and open to all creative people around the world, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, nationality, and artistic language.

To join for free, send an image of yourself incorporating the statue of the Eros at Piccadily Circus London and send to:
David Medalla, Founder + Director:
Adam Nankervis, International Coordinator:
please post here on The London Biennale facebook.

See you in Rome!
Big hugs from David Medalla!
(September 27th, 2015)

London Biennae 2016 will open on the First of May 2016 at Studio.ra in Rome, Italy. It will continue in London throughout the month of June 2016. The Finale will be in the first week of July 2016 in London. Adam Nankervis, international coordinator of the London Biennale, decided to open the next London Biennale in Rome, Italy, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Studio.ra, founded and directed by Raffaella Losapio. A previous London Biennale opened in Paris, France.

Facebook event in Rome
Exhibition of ‘The Mondrian Fan Club at Studio.ra in Rome’ by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis for the inauguration of The London Biennale 2016 (on the First on May).

Mondrian Fan Club History

The Mondrian Fan Club was founded by David Medalla and Adam Nankervis in New York City in 1992, being born of Medalla’s first propulsion of ‘The Flying Mondrians’ in 1991 with Medalla as founder and Nankervis as co-founder (telekinisthetically, Medalla then in NYC and Nankervis in Aarhus Denmark), establishing a collaboration between the two artists living and moving nomadicly around the world. Who, when meeting in different locals globally creatied, and continue to create collaborative performances and installations, drawings and photographic impromptus, in homage to the artist Piet Mondrian.

Mondrian who lived in NYC, was the inspiration, and New York City’s back drop, where Medalla and Nankervis met at the Chelsea Hotel in the winter of 1990, inspired actions primararily in the city, and over time, Medalla and Nankervis created the individual letters pertaining to the names or specific locales within different cities where they would, and do meet, to create a letter, an airborne piece global graffitti, which eventually will complete the sentence Medalla and Nankervis have started to formulate since the exhibition, The Secret History of The Mondrian Club, Gee Street London 1994.

Given the ethereal nature of the actions of The Mondrian Fan Club, much is lost in archiving, both films, and images are scarce, but have now been searched and sorted to continue in creating the sentence created before the exhibition The Secret of History of the Mondrian Fan Club.

The Mondrian Fan Club, Medalla and Nankervis’s interventions travel time and space and meet at specific junctures, which are captured for their ethereal position and action in time and place, and exhibited sparcely, in an invocation of the meeting points where the two artists have converged, and shared, and collaborated by inspiration of the environment in which they inhabit.

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Position the cursor on the images to view captions, click on images to enlarge them. 

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Dear Friends
I co-founded with Adam Nankervis the LONDON BIENNALE in 1997.
I am the permanent director of the LONDON BIENNALE.
Adam Nankervis, co-founder is International Coordinator since London Biennale´s inauguration 2000.
The LONDON BIENNALE is open to all artists and art lovers all over the world.
To join the LONDON BIENNALE is free (gratis).
No fee or money is involved.
David Medalla

The London Biennale was founded in 1997 by internationally renowned Filipino artist, David Medalla with International Coordinator Australia artist Adam Nankervis on Robyn Island Capetown South Africa, and since then it has seeded artist iniciated pollinations world-wide.
The first ever pollination in Manila, Philippines will take place in September 2016. It explores built, temporary, and imagined architecture for sharing culture and inter-connectedness.

Jevijoe Vitug and Matthew Couper are organising LONDON BIENNALE POLLINATIONS in Las Vegas, Nevada:

There will be more LONDON BIENNALE POLLINATIONS in other places this year 2016.

Information to:
David Medalla Founder+Director
Adam Nankervis International Coordinator

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