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Ai confini del cielo ho posato i doni del bianco, a cura di Vittoria Biasi Plaza de Agua Progetto Speciale inserito nella Bienal del fin del mundo 4° EDIZIONE DELLA BIENNALE DEL FIN DEL MUNDO, Edizione Argentina Contrasti e Utopie – Direttore Artistico: Massimo Scaringella Testo di Vittoria Biasi Nata

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ACEPHALE  by David Medalla When I saw the image of a headless man on the flyer of the multi-media exhibition ‘WHITE SNUFF’ which Adam Nankervis is curating at Ackerkelle in Berlin, I remembered a number of things. Firstly I remembered the time when Adam and I were in the centre

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This year, 2010, the FIFA Football World Cup will be held in South Africa. Newspapers and magazines are teeming with articles and photographs of South Africa. There are extensive media coverage of the sports facilities which the South African government has erected to host this global event. I saw colour

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